Saturday, September 02, 2006

That's Why You Work In The BUFF-ETTE

SteppinBro, AuntK, Jawbitch and I took the kids down to Hershey park last weekend. The hotel guy raved about a steakhouse near the hotel, called Hoss's. The menu was posted at the front queue when you walked in. The hostess lady at the front asked us what we wanted. Little did they know they had some hungry New Yorkers on their hands.

Jawbitch: So how's this work?
Hostess Lady: You tell me what you want, I put in your order, and then I'll seat you. Haven't you ever been to a Hoss's?
G-man: No, and I don't frequent Penciltucky either.
Jawbitch: I don't know what I want yet, and we're waiting for five others who'll be here in a few minutes.

G-Man, places the order for the kids. SteppinBro, AuntK and the rest of the crew arrive and place theirs, then Jawbitch finally decides. At the self-service salad bar, the attendant gets in SteppinBro's way, and won't move.

SteppinBro: Yo, what is that? Can get in there and get some salsa for my chips?
Attendant: You can just wait and read the sign, that's what that is.
SteppinBro: You better chill out and move. There's no need for you to be so nasty.
Attendant: I wasn't being nasty.
SteppinBro: You're probably too stupid to tell you were nasty. But that's why you work in the buff-ette.