Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Kitchen Remodelling

Jawbitch is making a makeshift kitchen in the dining room in advance of the gutting of our kitchen.

Jawbitch: What am I gonna do with this stuff in the back refrigerator? We have to defrost it so we can move it into the dining room.

G-Man: I'll just order a half-yarder and we can fill it up to the brim with all these condiments.

Boy we have alot of condiments, don't we? Hey, those resin shelves you put up look crooked.

G-Man: That's because the floor isn't level. Besides, those shelves are going into the garage after this is all over with. I'll level them as best I can, but just put stuff on them. It's not like they are a picture. The stuff won't roll off of it.