Monday, October 01, 2007

Feedback on Sudoku

How do you like my Sudoku lessons so far? Are you learning from them, or do they just bore you?

I've often been accused of leaving too many steps out between one proposition and the next, in effect, taking incomprehensible quantum leaps. Please tell me if this is the case, so that I can further explain and make my expression simpler, easier to understand, and hopefully useful. I plan to submit the ten lessons to a publisher, so your help is greatly appreciated.

A reader writes: "You lost me at 'cycled through all the numbers twice.' That's some long commute you have, yes?"

G-man: Yes, I developed these lessons and my method to solve Sudoku on my one-hour commute. Cycle through all the numbers twice means that you should try to project the number 1 into all nine squares, then try 2 through 9. As you find solutions, you fill them in. This will change the available spots in each square, so you might be able to solve other numbers that you couldn't the first time through. That's why you start over and do the projections again a second time. I find that when you cycle a third time, you may only solve a paltry few extra numbers, and you time is better spent using other techniques to solve numbers in each square. The other techniques are demonstrated in the subsequent lessons. I've updated lesson V per your query.

But what we really appreciate are the adoration vids, like this one: