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Re: Made where ?

Dear whole host of others:

Sorry to disturb you, especially since I don't know most of you, but I'd like to add my 2 cents to my stepfather's email chain.

Ever since the U.S. entered a global economy, as you well know, the U.S. has lost most of its manufacturing capacity. Why? Because it is impossible for U.S. businesses to cost-effectively produce goods here. It is cheaper to employ inexpensive, overseas labor and materials to make the things that we consume in the U.S. This is bad if you have a manufacturing job, but good if you buy things, because you get them at the lowest possible cost.

The global economy is capitalism at its finest. It will help to raise the standard of living for everyone that participates in it. It also promotes world harmony and deterrence from waging war on each other, because we trade with each other.

So, if you want to buy American, that's fine, but if you're paying a higher price out of patriotism, your money will not be well spent, because if we can't sell it to you at the lowest price, then we won't be selling to you for much longer.

And if you want to manufacture something here, you ought to automate so that you can produce it cheaper than those working for slave wages overseas, or produce something that they can't, e.g., provide a service here that can't be imported.

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No really - see - especially the last paragraph " In any case, the bar codes used in the United States are almost exclusively based on the Universal Product Code, type A (UPC-A) standard, not the EAN-13 standard, so most Americans don't even see the three-digit prefixes that indicate the code's point of origin. In determining the country of origin of a product sold in the U.S., consumers should still look for "Made in [country name]" labels on the packaging."

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For your Information ... the first 3 digits of the barcode is the
country code wherein the product was made.

Sample: all barcodes that start with 690 to 695 are all MADE IN CHINA .
471 is Made in Taiwan .

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This bar code is 471 – Made in Taiwan

This is our human right to know, but the government and
related department never educate the public, therefore
we have to RESCUE ourselves.

Nowadays, Chinese businessmen know that consumers
avoid products 'made in china', so they don't show
from which country it is made.

However, you may now refer to the barcode, remember if
the first 3 digits is 690-695 then it is Made in China .
00 ~ 13 USA & CANADA
30 ~ 37 FRANCE
40 ~ 44 GERMANY
49 ~ JAPAN
50 ~ UK
57 ~ Denmark
64 ~ Finland
76 ~ Switzerland and Lienchtenstein
471 ~ Taiwan
628 ~ Saudi-Arabien
629 ~ United Arab Emirates
690-695 ~ China
740 ~ 745 - Central America
All 480 Codes are Made in the Philippines.