Friday, December 03, 2004

Technological Advancements

Verizon sux. After hooking up on wife's plan, i learned that my cell won't send email messages, just text, as I wished to memorialize a conversation I had earlier in the week:

me: in '78, i wrote comp. prog. 4 HP2000F called CHAT 2 xchg msgs, mostly user logins & stuff.

Bourne: so u invented instant messaging? Why didn't u get a patent on it?

me: no, SCOM wuz b4 CHAT (thinking, hmmm, i wonder if T9 can get this right:



So no blogging on the train, except through my Palm V and l8r hotsync, that is, until I complete my text messaging to email gateway...provided no one else has done that yet.

Going to Google -- any suggestions around this problem?