Monday, March 19, 2007

MythTV upgrade

Well, the good news is, after a day farting around with it, I got my mythtv backend upgraded to Knoppmyth R5E50. Absolutely no hardware problems. Just sucked on mysql (they changed the protocol in my.cnf) and I kept setting up the backend as root when I should have been mythtv. I could not restore the database either (I was on 0.17). So now I have recorded programs, but no easy way to launch them. But it's done.
I recorded my first program in HD right off the wire. The backend PC plays it like a champ. I upgraded my xbox frontend by updating my /etc/apt/sources.list, as suggested here, but without going to the 1.14 (I'm still on 1.0.3). That worked fine, but the xbox is woefully slow, and does not play the HD program.

I'm going to copy the file over and try playing it locally with mplayer, just to troubleshoot if the problem is NFS. SDTV works fine, and you already know that I got 720p working and playing EDTV. Xbox hasn't the RAM for 1080i.
But face it, our frontends might not have enough horsepower to play HDTV. If this is the case, then we need to search for a new, low cost brick. One with lots of CPU and ram, but that doesn't mean a huge HD. Perhaps one that etherboots really fast.
Let the quest begin.