Friday, January 29, 2010



This is the first SOTU address I've missed since my teens. I just couldn't take watching it. What's your take on the issue with the Supreme Court.

Gman: Clearly, Alito cares about what he does himself, otherwise he wouldn't say "Not true." Between him and Obama, who do you think has more integrity?

The hypocracy in all of this is the hundreds of millions the Democrats took in from overseas Bush haters. Now we're going to have a level playing field. Personally, my interests are aligned with big business anyway, rather than those socialist Democrats with their hands in our pockets, so I'm happy with the repeal of that law. It's a nice idea in theory, but in practice it is unworkable. Besides, I believe very strongly in free speech, and especially in political free speech, so let them spend money on commercials -- I got my DVR.

I have never heard a more partisan SOTU address of the ones I've seen. I think Obama hit a new low with his lack of decorum for a coequal branch of government, and hasn't heeded the warnings cast in Mass. The people are fed up with big government that spends money helping special interests and not main street. They will continue to vote the ins out until that message is heard, no matter who or what spends ungodly sums on campaigns.

In short, Obama owes the Court an apology.