Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Circuit City --Where the streets are paved with bargains?

Gram found a pile of gift cards that had been laying around, one from Circuit City. I drove to East Northport, which the store locator still indicated was open, a couple of weekends ago with the kids to use it, because they closed the store in Bayshore. It was closed.

So late last week, I decided to bring it into the city. The store was completely picked through. They were selling the fixtures. No joy.

So I walked over to a couple of sales associates remaining and asked them what I could do. They just ignored me, and continued their conversation reminiscing about the past.

Did you get any bargains at Circuit City? I would like to know -- please comment.

Ask for me, I tossed the card down at the associates' feets, grabbed a cart, and walked out. There's a bum I'd seen, hanging out at Bond45 who could probably use it.

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