Friday, January 28, 2005

My Love, The Jawbitch

I tribute this post to the love of my life. She calls herself jawbitch. I'm not gonna tell you what she does for a living this week, but it is related to her handle. Those of you who do know her, don't spoil the surprise. I'll tell you what she does next week. Until then, this morning's dialog:

G-man: Boy it was cold last night.
Jawbitch, with one eye open: mmmmm.
G-man: ya know, after 17 years of marriage, I have mastered sleeping on the four inch margin of my side of the matress. But last night was a different story. You not only took all of the blanket, but you would release none of it, so I was stuck with the slightest piece of a corner.
Jawbitch: STFU. If you put on some clothes when you go to bed, you wouldn't be cold.
G-man: I'm posting this.

So, let me have your guesses. BTW, the dialog doesn't help.