Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Who killed the power?

It figures. As soon as I leave the power company, the blackout happens! The big one. The whole northeast. Boy am I going to give my ex-boss shit at his retirement party.

More recently, I just get done configuring my ultra-kool, sleek new, wham-bang, Knoppix MythTV backend system, just so I can record the next episode of the only show I currently watch on tv, and the only one worth watching amongst the 115 channels of shit to choose from IMHO, ALIAS, when, you guessed it, the power quivers. I can always tell when it happens, because the flourescent lights in my kitchen go out with the least little perceptible drop in voltage. Sometimes the clock on the microwave blinks. Needless to say, I installed a surge protector the last time it happened, after I replaced the motherboard and integrated, seared onboard video. But that power strip didn't prevent the heads from crashing on my 160 GB Seagate, so, I guess I'll be reinstalling from Knoppmyth distro tonight. They say it only takes ten minutes, but they are LIARS! Bitch, get me another cup of coffee.