Thursday, December 23, 2004

Did ya ever notice

I'm sorry. I haven't been too good to you lately, blog. I think I must retract to a weekly schedule, because I'm too busy.

Did you ever notice that, when it comes time for the holidays, just before the last day, everyone wakes up and says, "Shit, I need to get this done!"? The next thing ya know, you're sitting beneath an avalanche of client requests, partner projects, and other assorted shit that gets in the way of your personal life (yeah, like I really even have a personal life at this point).

As I finally make it home, I find my daughter GG waiting up for me.

GG: Daddy, tell me a story about when you had Christmas.
Wife, with the look in her eye that says "... mutherfucker! I gotta wrap gifts, so you gotta get this kid to sleep, leaving the room: Hurry up.
G-man: One year, my father (r.i.p. 8/5/2003) brought home a Christmas tree that had a big root bulb on it.
GG: Root bulb, what's that?
G-man: It's this big burlap sack that they stuff the tree's roots into. Anyway, he had this metal tub that he put the tree into, and we had to keep pouring water into as the tree drank.
GG: Then what happened?
G-man: After the new year, we waited for a thaw, then dug a big hole out in the yard and planted it. Every year thereafter, I hung lights on it outside.
GG: Did it grow?
G-man: Yes, it was about 14 feet tall when I was 13, when we moved.
GG: Maybe its so big now that they could use it at Rockefeller Center!
G-man: I miss that tree. I'd like to see it again sometime.