Saturday, December 18, 2004

It's in the Trash

My job requires that I bill an ungodly amount of hours doing work each year. So, between the wonderful, timely service on the LIRR and the job, I'm never home. I get up before the kids wake up, and I kiss their heads in their beds at night. Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to catch the news with mommy before she hits the rack.

Anyways, I get home and find this email from a college friend:

Friend: Yo dudes - We have famous peeps in our midst - check out the latest Rochester Review on page 7 bottom inside.
Next emailer friend: What a handsome crew!
J.O.: I'm not sure I'd go that far! I'm surprised there aren't any jello-shooters in the picture, though!
Me, rummaging through stacks of Xmas catalogs: Yet again, my family threw it in the trash. Now if they sold gifts in that magazine, it would be on top of my microwave.