Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The trip home

So, I just finished preparing for a huge expert deposition. It's just like getting ready for a final exam. I decide to invoke my tried and true method of blowing off the night before, so I rush home early (I'm fucking kidding myself, it's 8:40 p.m. and I'm on the train writing this shit). On the way, I'm accosted:

Yarmuke boy: Are you Jewish?
G-man, wondering where to draw the line: Aren't we all Jewish?
Yarmuke boy: well, I want to ...
G-man, cutting him off quickly: Gotta catch a train, have a great holiday!

So, not that I'm prejudice or anything, but the thought of someone trying to foist an entire belief system on a commuter strikes me as hilarious! As it is likely I will see these characters the rest of the week, do you have any questions for me to ask them? I will post their replies...

Then, I get home, and flip on Larry King. He's got John Daley on, with a joke about someone in their sixties getting called back to Iraq, making their second tour in 'nam a reality.

wife: you're not getting called back, are u?
G-man: I hope not.
wife: u got to volunteer for that
G-man: I did.
wife, on a rant: They don't need ex-Navy guys there. I'll cut your fucking left leg off, right below the knee. You can still practice law.