Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Internetional Geographic

My daughter, gg, awakened by a nightmare, decides to join me for breakfast @ 6 a.m.

G-man, pouring stale frosted flakes: last night, i explored the great pyramids in Giza.
Gg: where's that?
G-man, pouring milk: it's in Egypt. There are many pyramids there. In particular, i visited Cheops <>. It has several secret passageways that lead to chambers where the petrified remains of the Phaero and his things were found.
Gg, frowning from taste: u mean, like national treasure?
G-man, staining shirt: yeah, and there were these two tiny passageways, about 8cm square, that lead away from the chamber in north-south directions, but no one knows where they go to. It's a big mystery. The guy that discovered them in the 1800's tried to fish a rod up the p-way, but gave up. What was your nightmare about?
Gg: i don't want to talk about it.
G-man, spooning furiously: u know, talking about your fears can help you overcome them.
Gg: there was this man who shoved me into a car, and there was shooting, and then he was shooting into the seat. Then he gave me a pair of scissors, but i told him i didn't want them, but he said i have to take them or he'd cut my arm off.
G-man, tilting bowl @ own oral fissure: sounds like a bad man. Who were u with?
Gg: grandma. That's why u might have heard me shouting "GRANDMA!"

So, after much thought i can't figure out what gg's dream means, but conclude that upuaut2 found the sealing stone to the south lower airshaft, at what was once the outside end of the shaft. The purpose of the shaft is ventilation. I believe the Phaero took the top off of an original, smaller pyramid, refurbished the lower chamber, sealing the lower end of the lower shafts, and built the shell of the existing pyramid over top of it. The wooden stick and hook found in the north lower shaft came from an ancient, but unsuccessful tombrobber, whose abandoned tools were left b4 the new pyramid was built on top of the old one. There's probably not another chamber behind the sealing stone. May i have your thoughts?