Monday, March 28, 2005

Draw Michael's Weenie

Jawbitch and I are laying in bed, watching Aaron Brown on CNN, and between the Terri Schaivo story and Michael Jackson, the news cannot get any more bizzare. Brown revealed that testimony concerning five of eight Jackson molestees will get into court, with only one actually appearing.

G-man, starts snickering.
Jawbitch: Why can't they just subpoena the kids and put them on the stand?
Brown: Jackson's former accuser could describe tell-tale anatomical landmarks on Jackson's genitalia.
G-man, breaking into a full-blown guffaw: Where's your laptop?
Jawbitch: Ya know, watching the news with you is like an eleven-year-old telling stupid jokes. "Hey, he said poop." Then again, if they put the kids on the stand, they'd probably like drawing his penis. The prosecutor can even give them crayons.
G-man: What I really want to know is why did Lisa Marie Presley leave him?