Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Goodbye Tookie

How ridiculous is the death penalty? Before I went to law school, I fully supported the death penalty. But after I learned about the whole process, I became one of the few right-minded, right-wing, die-hard conservatives who completely oppose the death penalty.

Take the case of Tookie Williams. Please, leave aside the cast of clowns and Hollywood fruitcakes and nutjobs, and one or two decent people weighing in on the issue and just consider the facts. Williams was convicted for his 1979 slayings of four people in cold blood -- ordinary people like you and me, who he did not know before he killed them.

He was convicted of shooting a 29 year old store clerk who was laying face down on the floor as instructed. He shot him twice in the back with a shotgun.

He killed a little immigrant girl's family less than two weeks later, just to steal $100. He then blew half of her head away. You can't be much more gratuitous dealing out violence like that.

Those victims had no chance.

Now, several decades later, he adamantly professes his innocence. Yet he refuses to give up the names of his peeps in the Crips gang. He dies with his secret. Solid, what a guy. Give him a posthumous Nobel peace prize.

"The process of inserting the IVs to administer the lethal chemicals took about 20 minutes, with staff having particular difficulty getting a needle into Williams' left arm." Apparently, Williams had been spending too much time at the prison gym, bulking up for the last twenty-six years.

Fuck everybody leaving the death chamber last night. Fuck Tookie and fuck the guys giving him a closed-fist salute on their respective ways out.

So, I guess you may wonder why I oppose the death penalty? Because I believe that convicted killers like Tookie Williams are trash. They don't deserve to waste government resources trying to save their petty piece-of-shit lives in the extremely expensive legal appeals and clemency processes that follow their convictions. It is a far more conservative and inexpensive approach to just keep them in jail for life. Plus, it maximizes the punishment -- jail is no cakewalk, even for a Crips founder.

Killers: if I had my way, you would get to stay in jail for the rest of your life, with no possibility of parole and no parole hearings. Then you'll die and go to hell. That's the ultimate death penalty.