Monday, December 19, 2005


It's all ma Bell until somebody gets blown away.

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Democratic House leaders called Sunday for an independent panel to investigate the legality of a program President Bush authorized that allows warrantless wiretaps on U.S. citizens, according to a letter to House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

"On Saturday, Bush acknowledged he authorized the NSA to intercept international communications of people in the United States "with known links" to terror groups, and criticized the media for divulging the program.

""I'm not a lawyer, but the president has gone to great lengths to make certain that he is both living under his obligations to protect Americans from another attack but also to protect their civil liberties," Rice said on "Meet The Press." "

Now, why is this getting so much negative press? Do you think that you privacy is being violated if you are calling al-Qaeda and the government records your call? Oh, that's right, liberal senators don't want the President authorizing the special Po-po to listen in, it might not be al-Qaeda. Of course, we aren't hearing complaints from the folks whose calls are tapped, now are we?

SENATORS: Quit playing politics and remember, that jet that crashed in Pennsyltucky was meant for the capitol building. I'd be more afraid they're gonna burn that muther fucker down.

Meanwhile, look at their coverage regarding the potential transit strike:

"With no new agreement in place and a 12:01 a.m. ET Tuesday strike deadline set by the Transport Workers Union (TWU), another 33,000 transit workers could join the picket lines in less than 24 hours, knocking out all New York City transit lines."

"A full-fledged transit strike, if it happens early Tuesday, would come during the last week of the Christmas shopping season and would sock the New York region's economy heavily reliant on buses and subways. The union and the transit authority have been working to avoid that scenario."

Yeah, they'll get a lot of sympathy if they strike, which, by the way, CNN fails to mention that such a strike is ILLEGAL.

If you work for the government, you should not be afforded the ability to join a union -- it breeds corruption. Unions are necessary in industries where working people are taken advantage of. If government employees form a union, then the only people taken advantage of are the taxpayers. Government jobs should be low-paying, but secure, which most of them are, except for teachers and police officers in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

So, go ahead, break the law and strike. You and I know you'll get away with contempt. Hell, no judge will even throw you in jail.