Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Big Game

Our firm poker tournament is this Thursday. Last year, I played for the first time, and came in third. First place left the firm, and second was from D.C., so I'm sort of the local champ. Since that time, I've improved my skills tremendously. But I'm kinda nervous about it, because I perceive many people are gunning for me.

In this year's tournament, the top two persons from each table make it to the final table. But no extra chips are given when advancing to this final round. I complained to AB, the tournament director, (and his senior associate, KF) about this:

G-man: Suppose three players are left. Short stack goes all-in, midstack calls, and chipleader raises over the top. Midstack calls all-in. Chipleader wins. Midstack comes in second, but proceeds to the final table with no chips & thus is out. I suggest you amend the tournament rules to grant $1500 additional chips (which should be nominal) to all players reaching the final table to avoid this problem.
AB: The scenario you suggest is extremely unlikely and does not warrant any special accomodation. Everyone comes to the final table with their chips. Otherwise, would we give extra chips to just those who came in second with chips. The big stack can only call up to the amount of the short stack. After that, if the chip lead re-raises, he can either call the chip leader or not. The short stack is no longer at issue.
G-man: You know, if I'm the chip leader, without extra chips, I'm gonna put you, the bigger short stack who called, all-in, and then watch you fold.
AB: Perhaps, unless I have a better hand. It all works out in the end. If only one person from a table makes it, so be it.
G-man: Be prepared to meet your doom, then.
AB: So it begins.......
KF: Other than you are both losers and I got to give AB some more work . . . I'm actually not sure I entirely follow it all, but the benefit of getting additional chips would actually have cured my situation last year, where I made the final table but could only pay one blind or so. On the other hand though, perhaps the reality is that it is not about making the final table, its about winning the tournament. Thus, part of the calculus should not just be to squeak in but also to come in with a chip lead. In any event, I can go either way but am happy to side with you against AB just for the hell of it . . . .
AB: Needed KF for help? Is it because he was the short stack at the final table last year and, perhaps, the only person who may agree with your silly "online" position? There will be no rewards for getting knocked out. You two need to quit hanging out at the PAL non-score keeping soccer leagues where everyone gets a trophy, there will be one winner (me) and two losers (you).
G-man: The only place we'll be hanging out together will be the final table, which if you're lucky and the poker gods are kind to you, you might be able to join us.