Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cooking Class

Recently, one of my female colleagues DR went to an all-women's lawyer convention. She reported the following, after which the appended email exchange occurred:

When the mediator asked the question of the GC panel how they preferred to be contacted (or pitched) by outside counsel, a panelist said that out of all the pitches that she'd received (and there had been many), her all time favorite was a cooking class event by G-man's firm in New York. At the event, a chef taught the attendees to cook a particular meal and then they all sat down and enjoyed the meal together. The panelist said that the best part of the experience was that nobody talked about business at all. They just chatted and got to know each other.

G-man: Needless to say, I must not have attended that event.
DR: The cooking event was just for women! It's a secret club, don't you know.
G-man: I'm preparing my reverse-sexual discrimination complaint as I type.
DR: Maybe you can go to the next one, you know, as the token guy.