Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pool Envy

In this heat, seems everyone wants to post pics of their pool, like Bluto and Chelle. Of course, when I want to, Blogger has an outage.

I live near the water. When my pool was installed (in the 80s), there was insufficient depth to the water table, so Bozo, the prior owner, had several dump trucks of fill brought in to raise the ground level. Needless to say, the pool is only about 7' deep at the deep end. AFAIK, the pool has never been marble-dusted, although it needs it badly, as the surface is pretty rough and often causes cut tiny feet or ripped bathing suits. Jawbitch and I are too afraid that the process of draining the pool will crack it from the force under the ground, due to its proximity to the water table. In the bottom of my gunite pool are a series of plumber plugs filling holes that lead to the water table to help equalize the pressure. But, unlike Bluto and Chelle's pools, mine doesn't have a slide.

So now, I must challenge Bluto and Chelle: canneth thou bloweth the infamous ring bubble?

Dost thou have an aquatic human hampster wheel?

Could thou survive thine spray-o-death?

I thinkest not. Take that Bluto and Chelle. Addressing Pink's debacle, G-man quietly hears James Brown's voice in his head, exclaiming "in a hot tub."