Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Situation Where I Would Have Liked CTs Presence

Recently, I went to Foxwoods with Bluto and two other regulars from Bluto's monthly home game. Saturday night, I sat at a 2/4 limit table and grinded out a $150 profit. I noticed that the players in live casino games are really loose, so Sunday morning, I sat down at a new 2/4 limit table to confirm my suspicions.

A 60+ y.o. woman repeatedly took like forever to inspect her cards and make a decision. I sized up the competition rather quickly, but decided to stick around because there appeared to be many opportunities, plus the potential for humor was enormous. Most players at the table were getting really frustrated with her. In the next ten minutes after sitting down, two other people who sat down after me left. I kept my mouth shut until the following discussion ensued:

Old Woman, in a cracked voice: Well, I think I need to go get a smoke and take a pee. Make sure nobody takes my seat.

Player 1, indignantly: Do you think anyone would want your seat?

G-man: Well, it DEPENDS.™

The table roared and I ground out another $200 by later that afternoon.