Saturday, April 28, 2007

Explanation for "I thought I Could Make It"

G-Man: So, how did the matress get under your car?

Jawbitch: Well, I was driving back with Mac from CVS, and I saw it hanging half off the curb. You know the part where the dumpsters are? Someone must have ditched it, but it fell off into the narrow alleyway. I tried to go around it, thinking it would just squish down, but somehow, after I turned onto the street, I heard this scraping noise, so I turned both of my sideview mirrors, and there it was, hanging out of the back. I tried to take a sharp curve, but it stuck with me.

G-Man: Why didn't you just try to lose it on the highway?

Jawbitch: Because I was just going home around the corner from the CVS. I couldn't believe that it made it all the way home with me. That's when I called you about the jacks for the car and sent you the picture. Normally our street is a freeway, but nobody was driving down the street and could help me. Then, after I got the car jacked up, the neighbors came. They were hysterical.

G-Man: Yeah, probably because you're like the only person who can perform the toilet paper on your shoe routine with your car.