Thursday, July 26, 2007


I was catching a late train home last night, and ducked into the bathroom at Penn Station before boarding. After I unzipped, some crazy guy emerges from one of the toilets and talking to himself very loudly, and he wont stop.

Crazy guy: They don't even know what their doing. They keep pushing you around and shit. Then the next thing you know, you get twenty-five-to-life for ax-i-dental-ly kill-in somebody. Twenty-five to life. Can you imagine that shit? ....
Guy 2 sheet metal urinals down from me: SHUT-UP
Crazy guy: And then, you be walkin down the street tryin to find yo next meal and shit, and there's this long line outsida one dem clubs, and I'll be thinkin to myself, hey, you know, maybe I can get some o dat shit after gettin out ....
G-man, quickly finishing his business and leaving without washing, but trying to decide which guy he's afraid of most.