Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is Health Care Constitutional?

Many of my family members have asked me this question, not because I'm some kind of expert on the Constitution, but because I'm an attorney. My thoughts are pretty much in line with Andrew Napolitano on this issue. SCOTUS has been increasing the Federal Government's power through its liberal application of the Commerce Clause since the 1930's. This time, I believe Congress has stepped over the line. Even the Congresscritters think they have unlimited power. And of course, the liberals believe that any such discussion is wrong or political posturing.

While I'm conservative in my own views, lately I haven't liked what the Republicans have done. When it comes to the federal government, I generally hold Federalist beliefs. But the Democrats' social agenda is repugnant to me.

Then there are the recipients. Too many people think they should have free health care. They expect things to be handed to them, and don't care about who has to pay for it. This sense of entitlement is just plain wrong. Working Americans strive to achieve the American dream, and its yet another drag to carry slackers, and their sense of entitlement, on their backs.