Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Shakin the Spaminator

Jawbitch is skiing the alps this week. G-man's in Atlanta taking a triple depo. Who got the raw end of that deal?

Last night, the court reporter emailed a raw copy of the transcript, which never arrived:

IT-helpdesk: Can I help you?
G-man: yes, I was expecting an email last night with an important document that I needed to do my job, and it appears that it was sent to me, but the spam filter removed it.
IT-helpdesk: Well, what was the email address of the sender?
G-man: it was the court reporter's email address.
IT-helpdesk: and that was?
G-man: I don't know, I think your spam filter blocked the email.
IT-helpdesk: Well, if you tell me her email address, we might be able to prevent the filter from blocking email originating from that address.
G-man: well, like I said, if I knew, I would email her and tell her to send it to my personal email, so that I could get the document and not have to have you shake your fucking spaminator to see what if anything falls out, so I can do my fucking job. Aren't you supposed to be a member of a support organization that helps me to do my job? Shouldn't you be answering my questions? Get me the fucking document so I don't lose the case for my client, we get paid, and you can continue to play with your little, senseless, automated fuckup machine, ok?

P.S. Jawbitch is a world-renown Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, who makes way-more money than me. Thanks for your guesses.