Wednesday, April 13, 2005

How To Train Junior Associates

One of the senior IP associates, A, left our firm last week for greener pastures. In his wake, the most junior associate, MF, observed:

MF: Dear all, A left behind many folders containing various materials. A thinks they are all copies. Please feel free to come in my office (that sounds good 'my office') and claim any of the files. Otherwise, in the next 48 hours I will quickly scan through the folders and use my best judgment to either shred or archive some of these folders. From my initial quick scan through the material, I anticipate that most of it will be shredded.
G-man: Ahh, but the real question is, did he leave behind any good work?
MF: The only work he left behind, is the cleaning I am doing :)
G-man: I once knew an associate who would take files from other people's offices, even before they left, so he could get their work.
MF: That is sad.
G-man: No, that is self-preservation, baby!