Saturday, April 02, 2005

Litigation Teamwork

Dear Internet Litigation Team:

Now that you are familiar with the facts in my case (see archive), I'm contemplating taking my dispute to the next level: a small claims court action. I believe I have a good legal theory for why I should be entitled to recover money damages. I think it's good enough to sacrifice a day of work, just to go to court and put my adversary on the horns of a dilemma.

But I need your help. Please tell me why you think I should be entitled to money damages against AA, based on whatever theory you want -- legal, factual, or as a matter of public policy. You don't have to be a lawyer to participate, you just have to have access to a computer and an opinion.

I will provide you with a synopsis of my legal theory in my next post. So far, Beanie has noticed part of it, but she has yet to fully articulate it. I want you to criticise my theory. But I don't want to prejudice your thoughts (even though I provide subtle hints in this post). I want original thinking. If you know of friends in law school, please share the URL of this post with them, and ask them to post their suggestions too. Review carefully the Conditions of Carriage, which essentially is the contract of adhesion that one undertakes when purchasing a ticket, and my previous posts for the facts.

Why am I doing this? Because many heads are better than one, and I hope to derive some satisfaction by annoying my adversary, although my adversary might not. It's kinda like poking a lion in a cage (but in my case, only after I got bit).

I'm looking forward to your comments. Naturally, in return, I'm happy to share with you information concerning the status of this venture.