Friday, April 01, 2005

My Second Notice to AA

Re: R2005/03-19500-00269-001

Dear Shelli R. Gipson:

Forgive my terse reply, I must stay within 1500 chars.

I said "AA admitted that they delayed our initial flight 2.5 hours because of insufficient baggage handlers. The pilot apologetically stated, “There is no excuse for this.” Even the supervisor I spoke with, Paul Patterson(?), admitted there was no weather delay. It took an additional hour to unload baggage in STT." Does AA admit this? In your vague reply, your second para. has a typo. Please admit or deny that the delay was caused by insufficient baggage handlers at JFK/resend.

Did you make a schedule change for the flight? The link you sent me describes force majeure events. Are you claiming that this incident is a force majeure event? Under which of the five definitions? Please clarify.

Did you read my letter? I also said "Do not send me vouchers, as I will not honor them."