Friday, April 08, 2005

Shippity Dip

I abhor retrieving voice messages. I have an answering machine at home, and voice mail at work. I pine for the days when, unlike my current cellular provider (Verizon), my former cellular provider (Cigular) would forward my cell to my office after a few rings. I have yet to train Jawbitch not to leave me messages on my cell phone.

Anyways, last Saturday night, during a moment of boredom, I decided to clean out my wife's numerous messages from my cell voice mail. Lo and behold, there was a message from my travel agent concerning my last debacle, which I've copiously posted here.

Agent: Mr. G-man, I've talked to Jason at the 800 number at American, and they admit that they are responsible for the delay. He said to just go to the ticket counter, and they will set you up with a hotel or the fees for your ferry or whatever. If you have any questions, you can reach me at 800-648-4037, extension 6158, and my name is Linda.

So I called the agent back, and found out that indeed, the ticket nos. 1401225626841, 842, 1401226081854 and 855 are for International travel, and that AA has a ticketing agreement with LIAT. So, thanks to Beanie, it does fall under the Warsaw convention, and AA can't skate on their Conditions of Carriage provision.