Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day

Jawbitch got 8 y.o. GG a physics book when they visited a museum recently. Since Jawbitch was away in Cali this weekend, the kids made me breakfast, consisting of raisin toast, orange juice, and a peach. Then we went to our around-the-corner diner for breakfast, and I let G bring her book. Coincidentally, we hooked up with Steppin Bro, his wife Aunt K, and their kids (Max and GG's cousins).

Steppin Bro: What's that book for?
GG: I'm doing some extra homework.
Aunt K: Really? Let me see that? I never took physics, ever. Do you know what you're reading?
G-man: I don't think so, but she's taking notes in her diary.
GG, pointing to where she copied the gravitational constant: Look, that's a number.
Steppin Bro: What's the force?
GG: Um, that's acc -- acceleration and the amount of something, mass.
Steppin Bro: Her mind's too full. She needs to be put away in a padded room and deprived for a couple of weeks.
GG: Hey guys, look at my bracelet. It would make a good eyebrow piercing.
Steppin Bro frowns.
Aunt K:
If she is learning physics now, it's all good.
Steppin Bro: There will be none of that in this family until they turn 18. The first one that get's a tattoo, I'm coming over with the belt sander and taking it off myself. And with the physics, is good for what? Good for when she's swinging around a pole at Scores?