Monday, June 06, 2005

Lesbian Best Seller

One of the newly made partners wrote a best-selling Lesbian novel while riding the train everyday into the city. You could say that she climaxed at the ladder to suck-cess.

There are several things about this situation that provokes my curiosity. First off, I haven't read her book, but I wonder what the hell she wrote about. Certainly not about Hello Kitty vibrators. I mean, what, if anything, about the train ride turned her on so much to write such steamy shit? Second, if I wrote any best-selling book, I'd quit my day job so fast, sell the house, get the double-wide, and check out that a low-pressure system would instantly materialize in my office. Finally, riddle me this, batman -- how many slimy seats did she leave behind on the train?

Given my narrow, hetero-male assessment of the situation, maybe you ladies can help me understand, 'cause I don't.