Thursday, June 02, 2005

Psychedelic Wallpaper

Nita's toilet story reminded me of shortly after we purchased our current house. We removed drapes, carpets, sanded and stained wood floors where available, and installed new wood planking where absent, gutted and refurbished two out of four bathrooms, and retiled the floor and stripped the naugahide from walls in the lobby. But my favorite renovation was the patch job we did to the kitchen.

The kitchen comprised a leaky refrigerator above a blue colored, faux wood texture, rubber plank floor. We planned to replace the floor along with the psychedelic wallpaper, which the former owners were quite proud of.

They obviously dropped too much acid in the sixties. Anyway, we never got the chance to test out the wallpaper steamer, because every day, one or more of the workmen would peel a section of that annoying wallpaper off. By the time they were done with the rest of the house, the wall was ready-to-paint. Needless to say, that portion of the renovation was gratuitous, or as jawbitch put, it was on the house.