Friday, May 27, 2005

Traveling to the Prom

We decided to take the Cape May ferry to the prom. Needless to say, the ferry company canceled the ferry when we got there. So we had to drive around -- a mere 180 mile detour. Along the way, jawbitch and I made mental notes:
  • Bring a stencil of the Letter "Z" and a few good cans of spray paint, so that we can desecrate all the signage in Cape May from the Menz restaurant & bar to the Delaware Memorial bridge. For example, some of the signs will become "Chainsawz sharpening," "Junior's Tirez," "Daily Queenz," "Quincy's Farmz," etc.
  • Never plan to take the ferry whenever it is raining.
  • Instruct everyone in New Jersey that the car IN the rotary has the right-of-way.
  • Don't ever accuse G-man of stinking up the car when driving through NJ. Even though it smells like he had a bad night at Taco Bell, those smells are indigineous to NJ and a part of their Dutch Oven fund.
  • Be sure to yell at the proprietor of the Wagon Wheel restaurant for not having wagon wheel pasta.
  • Don't stop to eat at Isabel's Casual Victorian Dining, unless half-clothed and willing to eat jumbo shrimp with New Jersey Cowtown cowboys.