Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mannerless Max

Max and Gillian spent the week with Bluto and Olive Oil while Jawbitch & I were away at the prom. They go to Sports Plus, which is more or less a Chuck E. Cheese for bigger kids. Max decides he needs to take a leak, so Bluto brings him into the bathroom. Max drops trou and begins to do his thing:

Bluto, sidling up to the urinal: Geez Max, you don't even have to unbutton your pants, because you have no ass.
Max, now finished, pulling his pants right up, turns toward Bluto: Wow Uncle Bluto, you have a big penis! How come it is so red?
Bluto, now completely unable to do his business due to Max's eye-level attention to his member, just stands there with stage fright: Ummm, uhhh, just go wash your hands kid.