Monday, May 23, 2005

The Prom

We went away to my firm's "prom" last weekend. We left the kids with Bluto and Olive Oil. Gillian was excited, because Bluto wanted to take them to go see Star Wars. Max, however, was not happy at all. He transferred his sorrow to a year-old memory of our last parakeet's death.

Max: I miss little bird. Wahhh. I did not get a chance to spend enough time with him. I miss his little cage. Wahhhhh. He was just so cute. Life is just not the same without him. Boooooo hooooooo.

Jawbitch, descending the stairs: Max, go to bed. You've been crying for over an hour now. Do we have any Kaluah or something to put in my coffee? I need a drink after this kid.
G-man: No, but we have scotch.
Jawbitch: How do you make Irish Coffee?
G-man, blowing the dust from a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label: You put whiskey in it, like this.
Jawbitch: But that's not whiskey.
G-man: Read the label, it says, "Blended Scotch Whisky"
Jawbitch, pouring: let me smell it.
G-man: I may have to join you.