Friday, May 20, 2005


For several years, I ran a Tae Kwon Do school on Long Island. I transmitted my love for The Art of Korean Karate to many students, and even motivated a half-dozen to achieve the rank of 1st Dan black belt.

I also love to watch others in real live combat situations. Personally, my favorite technique is running away, which I've successfully employed several times to date, which is why I admire all runners, like IA and THB. Did you ever see the original Ultimate Fighting Championships? Uneducated laypersons of the law (read: dumb ass legislators, like McCain in this case) characterized these contests as "human cock fights," and they were subsequently banned in New York. I can recall a match between Royce Gracie and Dan Severn, where Dan was on top of Royce, and two times Royce nearly choked Dan out, and finally did so on his third try. Like the legislators, even the announcers couldn't see or understand what was happening. As the link above shows, apparently they are making a comeback.

But this incident in Cambodia takes fighting to another level. Too bad they didn't videotape this match:

Cambodia Midgets take on a Lion

I wonder what they would charge on pay-per-view? I think I need to adjust my Netflix Queue.