Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Who is the Tooth Fairy?

Jawbitch: GG's thought the tooth fairy was coming last night. What happened?
G-man: I got too much on my plate, and I forgot. You gotta leave a note on my pillow when I'm this busy, otherwise, I'm worthless.
Jawbitch: She's really upset. You're in really big trouble. What are you going to do?
G-man: What do you mean me? It's the Tooth Fairy's fault.

Later that evening:

GG: Daddy! You're home!
G-man: Yes, but let me tell you something. Last night I got home really late, and when I came into your room to give you a kiss goodnight, someone swished by me and ran out.
GG: hhhuuuhh!
G-man: I think it was the Tooth Fairy. She dropped this: $
GG: Really? Maybe that's why she didn't take my tooth!

Now, if only we can keep faith in Santa Claus for one more year....