Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Power of the Pen, Er Email

So my question is, should I cash the check and use the $400 voucher too?

Dear Mr. G-man:

Thanks for your additional comments. Our special D.O.T. representative is looking into this situation in reference to your comments. However, in an effort to put this matter behind us, I've mailed a check in the amount of $135 as you requested.

This is an "outgoing only" email address. If you 'reply' to this message by simply selecting the reply button, we will not receive your additional comments. Please assist us in providing you with a timely response to any feedback you have for us by always sending us your email messages via AA.com at http://www.aa.com/customerrelations.


Shelli R. Gipson
Customer Relations
American Airlines

Damn right I will!