Saturday, April 16, 2005

A Second email from AA

Dear Mr. G-man:

I received your most recent email and regret your continued disappointment. While I did not find any errors in my previous response, I regret that you found it unsatisfactory.

Mr. G-man, the delay of flight 655 was officially coded as a baggage delay which can apply for a variety of reasons including staffing, equipment difficulties, or holiday volume.

The link I provided clarifies that airline schedules are not guaranteed for any reason. It also explains that we will not be held liable for any expense resulting from our inability to operate as scheduled. Further, the exclusion applies whether the change is a system-wide preplanned change or an operational irregularity. The only legal requirements for compensation relate to Denied Boarding Compensation for oversold flights and canceled flights that result in our complete inability to provide transportation to the ticketed destination. In the latter case, a customer is entitled to a refund of the affected flight coupon in lieu of any alternative transportation. Both situations are regulated by the Department of Transportation. Any compensation offered by an airline for a flight delay or cancellation, when transportation is ultimately provided, is strictly intended as a gesture of goodwill. The voucher I mailed was intended as such. I hope you will reconsider your position, in time, and choose to apply the voucher for another ticket for yourself or a friend or relative.

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Shelli R. Gipson
Customer Relations
American Airlines