Friday, April 15, 2005

It's A Small, Small World

Jawbitch loves to call me when she's driving between offices. She gets bored driving, and I like talking with her when I'm not busy, but sometimes she blabbers, and I get frustrated and can't nicely say I got to go. I stammer and shit, and then I feel bad becuz I don't mean to get mean and nasty and hurt her feelings. I got to work on that.

She called me yesterday, and as she's going on, I get another call, which bounces to voicemail. I'm telling her about one of IA's recent posts:

Jawbitch: When's the last time you spoke with [IA's name IRL]?
G-man: It's been a while. We mostly just email or blog.

After we hang up, I check the voicemail, and freak out, it's IA. Even more twilight zone, IA wants to know about A, who now, incidentally, has an indirect association with IA's firm.

G-man: It's truly a tangled web we weave, isn't it? All this virtual reality and shit.
IA: Yeah, so what can you tell me about this guy? He doesn't even have a PTO number.
G-man: A's a good guy. It's funny, I was just telling [Jawbitch's name IRL] that I hadn't spoken with you in quite a while.
IA: [Jawbitch's name IRL]? Who?
G-man: You know, my wife, [insert Jawbitch's real name here]? -- Jawbitch? I guess you only know her as Jawbitch now.
IA, pausing: Uuhh, yeah. So tell me about A ....