Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Jawbitch's Wild Ride

I had dinner with Jawbitch last Wednesday. We generally try to take some time out from our busy lives and have a date in the middle of the week. It doesn't always work out, but we get to watch Alias together afterwards.

Jawbitch: Ya know, I've had my lease on my convertible for almost two years now. Today, I took it to the Volvo dealer for service. They started abusing me, because I told them the service light was on for like, the last 3000 miles or so. So I told them, "Look, [bi-atch] this isn't my car, I just drive it." Guess what? Then I noticed the inspection sticker hasn't been replaced since, July 2003! So I really let them have it! I asked the guy why they haven't done a NY State inspection the last two times they had the car? So they gave me this loaner. It was really cool. It had all this navigation shiz, head's up display with who's singing to me over the radio, computer controlled climate. It was really cool. Then I go to adjust the seat, and I can't figure out how to raise it, so I asked the guy. He tells me I have to pump this lever. I said, "You got all these gizmos in this car, and I gotta pump some m-f lever just to raise the seat! Whazzup with dat?"