Monday, April 18, 2005

The Real Me

So I received a notice in the mail from my pharmacy concerning a class-action suit for some psycho-drug I took right after 9/11. I guess I can tell you about it, because if I can't bare my soul in my own Internet playground, then there's nowhere that I can, and no one that I can share it with, except of course Jawbitch. Besides, you don't know me IRL (except of course, if you're IA, THB, pink, and a few other lurkers, sailors, or old college buddies). Then again, they all probably think I'm a rock, because I learned long ago (even before college) never to let on that you have any weaknesses, like this past problem, and especially not IRL. I don't mind letting them know, their all ex-coworkers now. But they can vouch for me, I always kept a tough guy attitude -- the real deal, corn fed, nuclear hardened, 2nd degree blackbelt, and all that shit, which, 'cept for my minor neuroses, ain't far from the truth. Then again, I make it known that I believe it ain't a man-thing, cause I've always said that any woman can stop a bullet just as well as I can. However, I hope nobody from my current firm reads this tripe. Anyways, that's just a little off-topic, and I blabber and digress, although this is all really related to the song on my walkman, which is the title of this post, and thumbs up to anyone recognizing the artists and/or the album.

Anywayz, they asked for the dates I bought the drug, the amount I paid, etc. Good thing the pharmacy letter had all that shit. So I filled out the claim form and mailed it. I figure, after they cut out the atty's fees, that there'd be enough to give me a free lunch or something. My question is, has anyone else filed one of these, and if so, did you ever see any dough?