Monday, April 25, 2005

Verbal WWF Smackdown

There's a few good online sites that permit you to gamble using play money. I find that the conversations can become quite amusing too, but it's somewhat challenging to think about the game and concurrently chat. The tonguelashing is exquisite in this recent transcript I made on, even though it's hard to tell what's going on in the game. To give you some context, I'm beating this guy bad in Texas Hold'em. He claims to be John Cena, pro wrestler, and goes by the handle ToiletPaper3. If it really was Cena, he's definitely not the champ in this ring. As you will see, the table doesn't like him either:

ToiletPaper3: i got more money than you gman
G_man123: do the math, chump -- it's play money. Zero times anything is still zero.
ToiletPaper3: so
ToiletPaper3: i got ace ace
solidedge: you have the a s s
therob2004: sure u have
G_man123: you're a liar
G_man123: and not a very good one either
ToiletPaper3: so
solidedge: good comeback
ToiletPaper3: a got ace jack
ToiletPaper3: *i*
solidedge: so
chixta25: shows immaturity on toiletpaper
solidedge: so
G_man123: I wipe myself with him
solidedge: more than that on tp
therob2004: u need 2 flush
solidedge: twice
G_man123: he can't take it
[ToiletPaper3 folds again]

ToiletPaper3: shout ass wipe\
solidedge: he can leave it
ToiletPaper3: jk\
solidedge: so
ToiletPaper3: jk\jk
chixta25: so
G_man123: so
solidedge: jw/jw
G_man123: nice set rob
solidedge: just wiping
[waiting a long time for ToiletPaper3 to bet]

G_man123: he can't bet and wipe at the same time
chixta25: hahaha
G_man123: i mean type
solidedge: so
therob2004: aint notyin 2 wipe
chixta25: so
G_man123: so fold tp
solidedge: just folding
solidedge: then wiping
G_man123: tp works better when its folded
solidedge: bet he's single ply
ToiletPaper3: fhfhhfhfhfhfhfhffhhffhfhfh]
solidedge: so
chixta25: so
ToiletPaper3: ****
G_man123: his typing skillz are lacking too
therob2004: so
solidedge: so
chixta25: so
ToiletPaper3: so
solidedge: aw, he flushed
G_man123: so, u suck tp
chixta25: hahaha
solidedge: i hate to be out of tp
chixta25: me 2
chixta25: so...
solidedge: he's back!
G_man123: so substitute with a leaf
chixta25: hahaha
solidedge: i have a job for u tp
chixta25: thats what he does, thats y he's called TP
ToiletPaper3: come say that to my face im john cena doctor of thug-o-nomics
solidedge: flush-o-nomics
G_man123: so what tp
ToiletPaper3: u suck
solidedge: so
chixta25: so
therob2004: who cares
solidedge: so
ToiletPaper3: im john cena a pro wrestler
G_man123: so I'll have to post his weak responses on my blog, just to show what a chump he is
G_man123: and embarass the XXXX out of him.
chixta25: only 2 words..
chixta25: so
G_man123: you're John Cena, pro luser
[ToiletPaper3 leaves the table]

haha he left
G_man123: He should stick with wrestling. Just like my grandfather used to say, if you can't take run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.