Wednesday, April 20, 2005

High Stakes Poker Redux

Pad's comment sparked a memory in my feeble brain. Once when I was in college, I agreed to participate in a "cold study." That's when you sign a release form to be a guinea pig for a holiday weekend in exchange for some cash. They put a Rhinovirus up your nose, or a placebo, and then you get treated with some nasal spray medicine shit. In retrospect, it was a pretty stupid thing to do, but I needed the money. Plus I had no where to go for the holiday weekend, and they put you up in a wing of the hospital next to the psycho ward and feed you all you can eat hospital food too.

I was playing five-card stud poker with some buddies and a scantily clad girl. She was from Texas, and wore a flimsy, see-through nighty, just to torture us guys. I can't remember her real name, but we called her Dallas Alice. Maybe one of my college friends reading this can remind me. I do remember how she looked -- gorgeous, stacked, and all jiggly when she giggled.

Anyways, Alice was getting tired, and wanted to go to bed. She wasn't doing too well, so she bet most of her small pile of chips, which probably amounted to some pocket change in real money. I had a 7-8-9 of diamonds, and drew two cards. After her draw, she bet the rest of her chips. I looked at my cards, and found I had drawn a six and 10 of diamonds.

And that's how G-man folded the first straight-flush he ever got in his life.

So Pad, it does get any better than that, sometimes.