Friday, April 29, 2005

More Party Poker Chat

While attempting to brush up on my French, I noticed that the avitars in the game change their appearance. The table discussion concerns the chromosomal inaccuracies, and all the while, I manage to double my stake. Then someone gets a wee bit upset with my typing skillz:

G_man123: parlez vous francais, beauchaminbo?
ghjp9233: G-man, u speak french?
G_man123: mais non, but i can read french, and thus chat french
ghjp9233: maybe u need to practice. get a french girl
G_man123: yeah, that's what I need, a French girlfriend
G_man123: my wife would kick my ass
ghjp9233: just ass
ghjp9233: probable the ball
G_man123: the girl beauchaminbo sitting next to me just talks with her chips
[G-man wins]
G_man123: ty
G_man123: but I speak louder than her
G_man123: and she's a mute
[G-man wins again]
you have no girl sitting next you G
G_man123: just to my left
ghjp9233: she is a he
jujubee555: i don't think that's a lady
G_man123: looks like a lady to me
G_man123: maybe a cross dresser
jujubee555: don't think so
G_man123: why not?
G_man123: I mean, her name: beauchaminbo -- might as well be pat
G_man123: I'm waiting for you juju
G_man123: cat got yer tongue?
jujubee555: i'm sorry ..for what?
G_man123: why do you think it's a guy?
G_man123: it's got breasts
jujubee555: oh, muscles
G_man123: those aren't man boobies
jujubee555: oh, oops
G_man123: and long eyelashes and
G_man123: other indicia of femininity
jujubee555: ok ok
shepard10: having boobs doesent make a women these days
G_man123: that's right! that's why i said it's a cross-dresser, shep
G_man123: afaik, that's a girl.
G_man123: until it talks, one must assume that
ghjp9233: for sure
[beauchaminbo leaves. G-man wins again]
ghjp9233: you scared her off G
G_man123: yeah, well, I tend to do that sometimes
G_man123: but it's not my fault, it's only an amusement
G_man123: park, where anyone can get off at any time
G_man123: if they dont like the ride.
G_man123: ya know?
ghjp9233: that is one good way to put it
G_man123: tyvm
ghjp9233: where are you from Gman
ghjp9233: not in Germany
G_man123: no, NY. and u?
ghjp9233: Korea
r there any young ladies in here or just old ladies
G_man123: nope, just us geezers
ghjp9233: only one lady in our table
G_man123: i see more than one
SeminoleDud5: if i would have stayed in i would have goten a straight
G_man123: woulda coulda shoulda
G_man123: but it wouldn't have beat mine
[G-man wins big]
what was yours
ghjp9233: nh
jujubee555: nh
G_man123: tyvm
G_man123: 9 high
SeminoleDud5: mine was 7 high
G_man123: right, i knew that
G_man123: that's why i got more play money than u
SeminoleDud5: how do i get more?
G_man123: there are four rules to get more
G_man123: u got to
G_man123: 1. know when to hold em
G_man123: 2. know when to fold em
G_man123: 3. know when to walk away
G_man123: and
G_man123: 4. know when to run
abigbozo: al right Kenny
G_man123: that was 4 the benefit of my Korean friend gh
abigbozo: probably not into country
SeminoleDud5: darknite u r going down
ghjp9233: i need river
G_man123: dont we all
G_man123: nice big pot
G_man123: i give it to seminole
[table shows J-7 straight]
whose got the queen?
kut08: i do
G_man123: meanwhile, gh, have you heard that song?
G_man123: if kut's got it, i'm out.
[G-man folds]
what song
abigbozo: The Gambler
G_man123: the lyrics i recited when i typed the rulez
ghjp9233: yes Kenny Roger's
G_man123: kut, if you want to win, you got 2 lie about what u got
G_man123: poker's all about lying
kut08: i had 8910JQKA
G_man123: kool, seven card straight
kut08: it won;t ever let me raise more, why?
kut08: it only let me raise like 10 or 15
SeminoleDud5: hey jujubee how r u tonight
G_man123: this is a 5/10 table, just look at the banner
G_man123: you can only raise 10
kut08: darnit
jujubee555: kut, just to settle something are you man or woman? Not personal.
G_man123: lol
ghjp9233: G what does lol means
G_man123: kut wasn't the individual that was sitting there before
G_man123: gh, lol means "laughing out loud"
ghjp9233: tks i could not figure out
jujubee555: i know but same form is used for each gender
jujubee555: we may never know
G_man123: I know ju, so that doesn't settle the issue of whether beauchaminbo was a man or a woman
G_man123: all i know is, it was a mute
jujubee555: it would if kut would answer
G_man123: no, kut is a different person, and not a mute
jujubee555: well i mean it would to me
G_man123: r u a woman?
jujubee555: me or kut?
G_man123: u juju, kut's quiet right now, trying to figure out what i got in the hole
kut08: look
kut08: im not here to chat
kut08: im here to play poker
kut08: u wanna chat
jujubee555: maybe mystery is best, ok kut
G_man123: then give me your chips
G_man123: cause i';m here to do both at the same time
[G-man hammers all, taking kut's chips]
very nh
G_man123: c what i mean?
ghjp9233: nice can't beat you 2nite G
ghjp9233: bye all i will go for my lunch now
G_man123: k, nice playing with you
G_man123: keep up the good work
jujubee555: bye
ghjp9233: see you again maybe
G_man123: yep
G_man123: so kut, which is it, man or woman?
G_man123: likewise juju
G_man123: ok, kut, i'll leave u alone, so u can concentrate
G_man123: but juju, u have 2 fess up.
suddenly, the din dies down, and a hushed pallor spreads across the table
G_man123: like the last golden leaf blown from a nearly naked tree in fall
[more silence]
sorry, with a name like juju what do you think?
G_man123: dunno, ju, could be some kinda double religion or somethin
G_man123: or, u might like sweets
jujubee555: no. like the candy
G_man123: i said that first
kut08: wow
jujubee555: i'm slow typing
kut08: i did not realize i was in yahoo chat
kut08: let's play poker
jujubee555: i did't know i could stop you from playing
G_man123: what were you doin there in yahoo chat? This is party poker.
G_man123: so play
G_man123: i am
jujubee555: me too
G_man123: nh juju
jujubee555: see
jujubee555: ty
G_man123: kut's gonna get up an leave, cause she can't keep quiet, and gets distracted by the chat
G_man123: seminole, all-in. good luck buddy
G_man123: maybe i'll just sit out and narrate, just to piss off kut
[G-man sits out]
[kut leaves the table]
yep, i knew that would happen
jujubee555: it worked
G_man123: cracks me up
[skibreeze sits down in kut's place]
skibreeze: fine this is my 1st time
skibreeze: I might be slow
SeminoleDud5: hey its cool
SeminoleDud5: what is your real name
G_man123: juju, don't you notice that skibreeze looks different from kut?
jujubee555: i do, needed another lady
jujubee555: welcome
G_man123: so, either beaucheminbo was a woman, or a cross-dresser
G_man123: that settles the issue for me
SeminoleDud5: skibreeze do u have a bf or single
skibreeze: married
G_man123: seminole's trolling
SeminoleDud5: r u in your 30 or older
G_man123: make something up skibreeze
skibreeze: i am 34
G_man123: sheesh, hey semi, or shall i call u dud? I'm leaving it all up to u, leisuresuit larry, trying to score. Have a good one