Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Atlantic City

I went to Caesar's this weekend, all by myself. I tried to get my posse to come after the family's confirmation (which I opted out from), but they all had excuses, some legitimate, some not so legit -- you decide:

Uncle Smelly: I don't want to drive at night in the rain.
G-man: But you live in NJ.

Steppin Bro: You got some cash for me, cause I didn't bring any, and I don't have my cash card?
G-man: Sure, however much you need -- you can pay me back later.
Steppin Bro: Oh, I forgot. I got to take care of the kids.

Bluto: I not going there all dressed up in this monkey suit.
G-man: But you can get anything you want here, even new clothes.
Bluto: Yeah, but Steppin Bro will make me drive.

So I ended up playing 2/4 Texas hold'em. I lost $50 before I learned that, unlike no-limit, you can't bullshit your way out of a bad hand.