Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memorial Day Bar-B-Que

We had the whole family over the house for Memorial Day Weekend. I left the pool heater on overnight Saturday. The weather was gorgeous both Saturday and Sunday. The pool water temperature was 84 degrees. After the swim, I cooked two big-ass steaks on the grill.

Max: Mommy, I want some of your soda.
Olive: It's diet Coke with lime.
Max: I like to swallow the cream, can I have some more?
Bluto: Cream? Max, it's not cream, it's foam.
G-man: Good, because I was getting worried.
Olive: Come on! He's only four!
Jawbitch, pointing forked fingers at Bluto and G-man: If there's problems later on in his life, I'm blaming you two.
Max: Can I have some more?
Bluto: Max, just so long as it's foam and not cream.