Monday, June 13, 2005

Tournament Party Poker

Bluto taught me how to play this game. Basically, you just fold until everyone kills each other, then you bet a few hands when you're big blind. When 3 people are left, you win. But sometimes there are some players that are pretty good, and they try to put you out. In this game, I dodged the bullet, much to the frustration of Dan1stmate:

Dan1stmate: put G-man all in
Dan1stmate: NOW you can steal the pot
Dan1stmate: all in
Dan1stmate: hehe
KWhyte47: ill do it for u dan
[G-man folds]
Dan1stmate: we have to get Gman out
Dan1stmate: no offense G__man
OC00L: if you guys can't play your blinds then get some nuts
Dan1stmate: but you have no chance at this point
Dan1stmate: and i want third place
G_man123: wow whee, 3rd place
KWhyte47: well i want to finish in top 3
Dan1stmate: yea me too
Dan1stmate: gman JUST LEAVE
Dan1stmate: lol
G_man123: u leave, i'm just warming up
[G-man wins a hand]
KWhyte47: took u long enough
G_man123: all i need is a chip and a chair
Dan1stmate: no way he has the jacks
Dan1stmate: right Kwhyte?
G_man123: table talk is for sissys
KWhyte47: yeah but my kicker is so bad
KWhyte47: it was a 4
[G-man folds]
G_man123: u fight it out
Dan1stmate: gman, he's gonna bluff the pot
Dan1stmate: XXXX
Dan1stmate: what do i do
Dan1stmate: whataver
Dan1stmate: you can steal this one
G_man123: go all in luser
OC00L: bet
KWhyte47: show ocool
Dan1stmate: afraid he had fives
OC00L: i had a music group
[Dan loses]
Dan1stmate: ocool how bout you do me a big'ol favor and put gman all in evey time?
G_man123: conspiring will get u nowhere
OC00L: i love j 8
KWhyte47: well i go all in on this hand if u want me 2
G_man123: u could have made money K
[G-man calls big blind]
Dan1stmate: make or break it
[Dan goes all in]
Dan1stmate: im tired of ocol
Dan1stmate: i dont care what happens
[Dan has Big Slick, and gets beat by a queen on the river]
Dan1stmate: XXXX
Dan1stmate: did you see that?!
G_man123: later you loser
Dan1stmate: on the XXXXING kicker
Dan1stmate: RIVER*
KWhyte47: u mean turn
G_man123: i'm in the money
G_man123: i'm in the money
G_man123: i'm in the money
OC00L: i had a flush on the turn
Dan1stmate: whatever gman
Dan1stmate: that sucks--i haad the better cards and everything