Thursday, June 23, 2005

Three Dog Night

Shortly before Jawbitch's grandparents passed away, her dad decided that they should sell their house and enter an old-folks home. You're probably wondering what the hell that has to do with the title of this post. Well, let me tell you.

Jawbitch and I just bought a new house in East Northport at the time, and her dad invited us out to her grandparent's house to pick up a few things he thought we might need for our house. So I rented a U-haul truck and drove to her grandparents' house, all the way out to west bumfuck pensyltucky. Besides the rental, it cost me a small fortune in tolls.

When we got there, I found an abnormally large accumulation of junk. More than should be present after several decades of hoarding. I pick up a few tools, a shovel, a post-hole digger, a wheelbarrow and some rakes. But among the junk, there was really not enough good, large things to warrant the truck rental.

But, in the basement, I found a large chest freezer. I figured this would be a great addition. We could put it in our new garage, so I opened it to inspect the contents. It was packed full of boxes of dog biscuits. I recalled that their dog died literally in the last century, so I discarded the boxes and got her dad to help me lug the deep freezer into the truck.

After the long drive back, and another largess in tolls, I unloaded my newest cherished possessions into the garage, and then returned the truck. By this time, it was very late at night, so I plugged in the freezer and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up and wrote a list of items that I planned on purchasing at the local Sam's club to put inside the freezer. Then I checked on the deep freeze and figured out why they kept the dog biscuits in it. Coincidentally, the next day was applicance pickup day, so i unscrewed the lid and left it at the curb for the garbage men to pick up. Then I had a beer to calm down.