Thursday, June 30, 2005

You See Me Cryin?

Jawbitch has three mothers: her birth mother, and her two aunts, #2 Aunt Nanny and #3 Aunt Jo. I adopted Steppin Bro's nickname for them: the dustwitches. Like I told you before, her mom, dustwitch senior, had to put the dog down.

A couple of years ago, dustwitch senior moved in with Aunt Nanny. Shortly thereafter, the dog developed pancreatitis. Apparently, dustwitch senior wasn't aware that she couldn't feed the dog Taco Bell every night. The dog started losing weight, whereupon the vet identified that the dog's pancreas no longer produced an enzyme necessary for digestion. So she had to spend $150/mo getting enzymes, to mix in her food, for the rest of the dog's life. It was pretty nasty watching her mix that smelly shit into dog food.

A couple of weeks ago, the dog lost all hearing, and developed tumors all over her body. Then the dog went blind this past weekend. As difficult as it was, at least she did the humane thing. Not like her sister #2.

Aunt Nanny had a 20+ y.o. cat named Soggy. Last year, it was Soggy's time to go. The cat just layed next to it's bowl of water, howling in pain. No matter how much we begged her to take it to the vet, she wouldn't do it. Aunt Nanny let the cat suffer for two weeks before it finally expired. GG painted a shoe box for a coffin. Maybe G has a career in a pet mortuary.

Anyways, Aunt Nanny tried to convince dustwitch senior to let the dog live. "You never know, the dog could get better." Ever the optimist. Steppin Bro finally put his foot down and took the dog to the vet.

I feel bad for dustwitch senior, and about the whole situation, plus some anger at Aunt Nanny for making a difficult situation even more difficult, even though in her own mind I'm sure she's oblivious to the dog's suffering, and also sorry for dustwitch senior. Maybe dustwitch senior can get a new, low maintenance replacement pet or something.